“I am writing to commend Dr. Curatola and his wonderful staff for their high standard of care and caring.  I am both a patient and a caregiver for a very close family member who is also Dr. Curatola’s patient, so my opinions are based on how my family member and I have been treated.  Dr. Curatola is extremely smart, skilled, experienced, intuitive and proactive as well as a warm and kind human being.  I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of a superb cardiologist.  He takes the initiative and time to get to know each patient and their personality to determine the most effective ways to work with them to increase the likelihood that the required treatment plan will be successful.  My family member and I have seen several other physicians who have corroborated my opinions about Dr. Curatola.  While there may be times when Dr. Curatola runs behind schedule, it’s understandable that unexpected delays at the hospital sometimes occur.  I also appreciate that he devotes the same time to other patients that he devotes to us.  It’s actually comforting to see that, unlike many physicians today who are in a hurry to move on to their next patient, Dr. Curatola takes whatever time is needed to take care of all of the patient’s needs and questions.” – SF

“We are very careful with money but our health is our top priority. The concierge fee we pay is priceless to us as we have experienced superior care delivered by Dr. Curatola and his team. Concierge is only as good as the team that delivers and they have delivered to us…” -PM