“I’m very happy with Dr. Curatola’s service.  He is a genuine professional and very knowledgeable in his field of care.  I’ve had very positive experiences with my visits with the doctor and his staff.” –MH

“Simply the best! The attention and care that goes into visits with Dr. Curatola is truly amazing. My appointments are never rushed as they typically are at your standard hospital. The entire experience from walking into the lobby and being greeted by his wonderful front office staff to speaking with Dr. Curatola puts you at ease knowing that you are receiving a superior level of care. 5 Stars all the way!” -MC

“Never have I been more satisfied or grateful for the medical care and compassion a doctor has given me. I full heartedly (no pun intended) recommend his concierge practice and guarantee you will not regret it!” -MG

“Dr. Curatola is extremely competent.  No fluff, no surprises… he knows what he’s doing.   When dealing with cardiac and/or internal issues you don’t want a second string effort by your physician.  You want the best. Timeliness of appointments has significantly improved compared to his previous practice based on excellent support staff.   Dr. Curatola knows every key cardiac specialist and surgeon in Northern California and they know him.  The bottom line is that he is the “go to” physician if you have cardiac concerns in any way, shape or form.” -KA

“I have been a patient of Dr. Curatola for over 20 years and I can’t tell you how lucky I am to have him as my physician. He has always provided world class care. I am aware of his amazing education, intelligence and complete understanding of his profession, but what really comes across is how much he cares about me as a person. I have seen other doctors over the years, but none match how personally he takes my health…Dr. Curatola will be my physician as long as he decides to keep practicing medicine and I will continue to refer my friends and family to him as I have over the years.” -DC

“I have been Dr. Curatola’s patient for about twelve years. When I (first) came in I was headed for a disaster, but now I am fit as anybody…. all due to Dr. Curatola and his excellent care. I am delighted that he is continuing his practice in a more specialized and caring way. I look forward to a long and sustaining relationship!” -MF

“Dr. Curatola is brilliant, compassionate and thorough.  I always feel that I have his undivided attention during my appointments, and never feel rushed.   Every situation is explained in a comprehensive manner.  His follow up is also meticulous.   He is kind, compassionate, and committed to practicing medicine with the highest standards.  In my sixties now, I have seen my share of doctors, and I can honestly say I have never felt as confident as being in his care.  He is a blessing to me and my family.  Dr. Curatola, his office staff and Andrew are simply the best, they care and they make it clear that you matter.” -MS