In the News: Dr. Sarang featured in new podcast “Women in Concierge Medicine”

Dr. Sarang gave a star turn in a recently released video podcast focused on life as a leading woman concierge physician, a title she’s earned from the start of her personalized care practice in 2015. The high-profile discussion features thoughtful insights from Dr. Sarang and a panel of outstanding female doctors who explore why concierge medicine is uniquely suited to a woman physician’s vision of care.

“I feel that patients leave my office feeling that every question is answered. Every patient who comes in for an office visit or physical is given an instruction sheet with everything written out so there is no confusion. I feel satisfied that I did really good medicine and gave them the best care I could,” Dr. Sarang shared with the group. “I know all my patients well, and when someone calls me on the weekend, they’re like old friends.”

Click here for a preview of the informative presentation “Women in Concierge Medicine,” hosted by Specialdocs Consultants, or view below.

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